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Tigsun moved to new production buildings and office buildings in Fangshan Industrial Park
Release time:2013-04-07   Number of clicks:98times

      Since the establishment of it, Tigsun Limited Liability Company keeps the feet on the ground, gradually expands step by step. The enterprise integrated management, production scale, sales service and production quality has been continuously improved.


      In order to meet the requirements of the enterprise development, with the further expansion of the company, in 2009, the company went up to the new stage and purchased land in fangshan industrial park of Beijing to build a new factory of its own. The total area of the new plant was about  Square meter, and the investment was near Yuan. After the civil construction, the completion acceptance and the elaborately decorated, the headquarters of the company moved to the new site on April 07, 2013.


       The tiger people will not only continue Adhering to the corporate values of "escort for health", and the corporate spirit of "customer first", but also constantly improve the quality of product and offer our high quality products and service to the customer. The tiger people will create a brand new face and attitude to the world!